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Real Soccer Haxball League

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Group Stage - Matchday 5 Reports
02-01-2018, 21:20
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RE: Group Stage - Matchday 5 Reports
Alright... We talked yesterday and I did get informed about them disbanding from yourself, as a matter of fact the co-captain did write a note which Makumba didn't have time to process (so we have to make decisions now). This morning I have updated the tables and schedule with this defwin for #Team 1. Before I did it, I've also searched for the captain (not co-cap) to confirm this but wasn't able to reach them. The non-continuation was confirmed by several highly placed people internationally. The decision has also been accepted by the RSHL Administration.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that after finally being able to communicate with Makumba today, we did receive a confirmation that this tournament will have a 2nd leg in the group stage (which some wrote to me about yesterday). So whatever games are left, they will be written down in "Week 1, 2, 3" format and should all be played by the first week of February (04.02.18).
Gadu Gadu
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08-01-2018, 23:04
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RE: Group Stage - Matchday 5 Reports
Polona Halingas 3:0 Death Eaters
1-0 Marco Asensio 12:42
2-0 Roman Weidenfeller OG
3-0 Kordi assist Marco Asensio

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Gadu Gadu
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11-01-2018, 22:51
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RE: Group Stage - Matchday 5 Reports
Los Merengues 1 - 0 Sho Ananas
sane' (777) 21.33

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Approved. Note: use forum nicknames for next match.

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18-01-2018, 01:33
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RE: Group Stage - Matchday 5 Reports
Die Bomb@stischen vs TD4U 3-0 Defwin Bomb@s
Gadu Gadu
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