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Real Soccer Haxball League

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24-09-2017, 14:24 (This post was last modified: 02-11-2017, 18:24 by Makumba.)
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• A match lasts 20 minutes, each half = 10 minutes + additional time(max 1 min per half). In final stage, overtime can be added in case of a draw and it will last 2x5 minutes without added time.
• The map which will be used for the competition: "WeAreHaxballV1 from HaxMaps" , during penalties, we will play on RSHL Penalties map.HERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD PENALTY MAP, THIS 1.2
• A match has to begin with a referee! The autoref isn't allowed! 
• During match, only referees have rights (and the host of course), captains have to write "SUB" in chat if they want to make a sub.
• In Champion's League, matches will be in 2 round (except final).
• Matches have to be recorded! If there is no rec , match must be replayed. HOWEVER, if both captains confirm the result, it will be counted but without stats!
• The host will have to set at least 12 places for players, ref, subs and streamer.

• The referee is the ''Game's Chief''. He is always right, he can sanction a player or a team who criticize his decisions.
• Only the ref decides if a throw is red or blue, if it's GK or CK. Under no circumstances, a player can refuse or say the contrary.
• The ref is obliged to inform about amount of the added time before the end of the half.
• In case of 2 red cards for the same team the referee will have to justify it, the CL staff will take decison about players and the result will be the result of match + 3-0 of defwin.
For a nice throw, there has to be:
• The ball stopped (more or less)
• The ball out of the pitch (if players go on the pitch with ball, FT => other team takes it)
• The throws has to be done in the place where the ball was out (more or less, don't have to stop action)
• The ball go on the ground with the shoot
If one of this rules isn't respected, the throw will be given to the other team!
During a cornerkick, the shooter has to enter the pitch after the ball. The ball has also to enter the pitch. If not, it's a Goal Kick!
It's obviously forbidden to do  throws, CK or GK by himself.
The defenders have to be in a nice distance from the shooter:

If there's a possibility, streamer will make a stream of the match. The streamer gives people a link in TS.

• To provide good conditions for both teams, we suggest to use VPS. If the opponents are not happy with the host, they have to offer an alternative host, on which both teams are able to play in good conditions.

• To be able to play, a player has to be written in the line up of team (check-in)
• The squad limit for Champions League is min 6 players and max 10 players(1 from the other team which doesn't play in CL)!.
• Every player must have an account on our website to confirm that player will play for this team.
• A player can play only in ONE team during CL competition.

• To avoid fakes in competition, all players are obliged to create an account on rshl.eu. If we have some doubts during the match, we may ask for a confirmation by sending a private message to a referee/admin on rshl.eu.
• "To play an official CL match - you MUST use a special pass to enter the room!
1. The host can create  a server on a chosen platform. Having created a server he is moved to the page of entry tickets generator - there he chooses teams and a type of gameplay.
2. Generated link(as a ticket) is loaded and sent to coaches/referees/steeamers
3. It is obligatory to enter the room only by the pass/ticket - any tries of avoiding it will be punished. After using an entry ticket there will be written who created a room and which platform the room is created on. A player can choose where he wants to play: normal haxball.com or rshl.eu/play platform.
• About penalties for a fake, it will be a CL staff that will decide!

• Don't forget it's only a game so have fun and be cool with others.
• In case of 3v4, stats won't be counted (except if player's ragequit happens)
• In case of insults, bad behavior, racism.., there can be sanctions against a player or a team if there is an evidence of it. The CL staff would decide for a decision about a big or small punishment.

• You can't postpone a match. You can only use a wildcard(2 for group stage and 2 for final stage) till 1 hour before the planned match. Later, only with an agreement of the opponent.
• If a team did not show up for a scheduled game at least 20 minutes past kick off time and no postponing was announced on the forum, the game will be counted as a Defwin for the team at present, but only if they have a recording and screenshots. If both teams are absent, the game will be counted as no-contest.
• If a team shows up with only 3 players instead of 4 and the team did not postponed the match, the team isn't allowed to play in the 3on4 mode. It is a defwin.

• Substitutions are unlimited. If a team wants a substitution, then a captain has to write in the chat "SUB". The referee will pause the match when the ball is out for a corner kick, goal kick or one of the teams has scored a goal. Substitution during a throw-in is only allowed with the opponents and referees agreement. RE-SUBS are allowed and aren't counted!
If a player leaves the room during the match, he can be added during CK or GK(during out only with opponent's agreement)
• Every game has to be recorded and uploaded! Both teams are responsible for a valid record. So we recommend, that more than one player per team records the game.
• In case of any insults, abusing etc. CL staff will decide about punishment!


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Gadu Gadu
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26-09-2017, 12:42
Post: #2
RE: Rules
Limit of 10 players, one player can be a player of other team but this team mustn't participate in CL.

W razie jakichkolwiek pytań, piszcie GG: 41081443.

Gadu Gadu
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03-10-2017, 18:24
Post: #3
RE: Rules
Rules edited about host, stream and subs(unlimited).

W razie jakichkolwiek pytań, piszcie GG: 41081443.

Gadu Gadu
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01-11-2017, 14:06
Post: #4
RE: Rules
You have to play on the same nick as on forum, u can change once ur nick there: http://rshl.eu/Thread-Nicknames-change?p...#pid145990
Gadu Gadu
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02-11-2017, 18:24 (This post was last modified: 02-11-2017, 18:34 by Makumba.)
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RE: Rules
You can't postpone match, u can only change time, if opponents agree, if u want to change day - only wildcard.
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