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Real Soccer Haxball League

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Rules and info about MNC
17-11-2013, 20:36 (This post was last modified: 18-11-2013, 12:48 by Suriel Soul Hunter.)
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Rules and info about MNC
1. Eight countries take part in the competition.
2. Games are played on the system 4v4 (four versus four, easy max).
3. Firstly games are carried out in groups, then at knock-out stage.
4. Teams play matches without rematches in group stage and also in knock-out stage.
5. Draws are allowed in group stage.

6. Games are played on this map: Download
7. Matches should be played within given deadlines.
8. Deadlines of playing games will be given in appropriate section in forum.
9. Captains of both teams must determine issue who will be referee and who will host.
10. Every game must be recorded (Rec) and added with result in forum.

11. Games are played 2x10 min , added time is possible.
12. When after regular time match winner is not emerged, extra-time is ordered (each takes 5 minutes). (ONLY KNOCK-OUT STAGE)
13. If in extra-time winner is not emerged, penalty shoot-out will be played.
14. Penalty shoot-out is played on: Download
15. Penalty shoot-out are composed of series in which 4 players chosen by captian take part. (one serie = four shots). Series are carried out alternately till the result will be resolved. Referee draws a first team to start by pressing „Auto” (player’s team drawn to Red start competition).

16. During the match up to 5 players from team can be in the room when game is being played (rotations are possible)
17.Players can be substituted:
  • a. after first half,
  • b. after goal scored by any team,
  • c. before corner-kick,
  • d. before goal-kick,
  • e. before throw-in.
18. Coach can stop – he declares to referee who pauses the game:
  • a. after first half,
  • b. after goal scored by any team,
  • c. before corner-kick,
  • d. before goal-kick,
  • e. before throw-in.
19. Coach can take up to 3 pauses.
20. The maximum length of the pause/pauses in the match at the request of a coach is 10 min (total time f.e. 3x3,20’).
21. Referee can pause the game in case of:
  • a. controversy cases
  • b. leaving room by player who was on the pitch,
  • c. own incapacity (not more than 5 minutes),
  • d. too high ping for most players.
22. Punishment are appropriate to the seriousness of the offense.
23. Punishments for yellow/red cards:
  • a. two yellow cards in game = red card – kick from the room.
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