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Full Version: Wildcards
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WC for team:

-City of Stars

-Los Merengues

Match: CoS vs ET
WC for team: CoS

I'll see with Henry in TS3 to play the match. (they cant after so I have to change the date, we cant play at 20.00)
Match: Los Merengues vs Polona Halingas
Date: 14 November 2017
WC For Team: Los Merengues


We haven't seen fenerbace since cl group drawings, they did not confirm in the line up and they're never online on any known ts server.
Polona Halingas, when u can play?
Anjos - Fatality FC

I'm having internet issues, if i fix in time we play, if not then the wildcard stands.
Don't Rosik Be Happy - Atletico De Sopron.

What about tomorrow? @johnrambo
Match: Executors Team vs Blackout
Date: 20.11
WC for team: ET
Anjos - Sharks

We can play sunday 22cet, is it ok for ur team?
I can't find someone of AdS online rlly. Last option, tomorrow 21.30 ?
Executors Team vs Blackout

Blackout,when you can play our match?
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